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RAV4 ECU FAQ’s2020-10-29T15:08:02+00:00

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Can I Ignore the RAV4 ECU Problems?2020-09-09T07:58:13+01:00

You could but driving your RAV4 with a faulty ECU which will eventually cause serious transmission failure. Remember this is a hardware and not a software problem so re-programming will just hide and not solve the issue, potentially leading to bigger problems in time.

Will it be expensive to repair?2020-09-09T07:58:05+01:00

Cost to repair the ECU is from £360 + VAT

See how our service works here 

What is the problem?2020-09-09T07:58:00+01:00

A design flaw has led to the original ECU in RAV4’s 2001-2003 malfunctioning sooner or later, regardless of service history or mileage. This is a hardware and not a software problem so re-programming will just hide and not solve the issue, potentially leading to bigger problems in time.

The problem shows itself by the gearbox on your RAV4 knocking or juttering, harsh gear changing, losing 2nd and 3rd gears or power or a clinking when going into reverse.

You may also get false diagnostic codes of P0750, P0753, P0758 and/or P1760 on you Toyota RAV4.

Does Toyota know about the problem?2020-09-11T15:06:02+01:00

Yes they do and this is the Technical Service Bulletin they put out. Toyota at the time suggested an official recall and that the problem could be solved by a firmware update. This was not the fix needed and now that time has elapsed Toyota offer no recall. If you took your RAV4 back to Toyota they would suggest a new engine and gearbox ECU!

Is the ECM the same as ECU?2020-09-09T07:57:42+01:00

Yes, it refers to the same automotive part. ECM stands for Engine Control Module and ECU stands for Engine Control Unit, but refers to the same device.

Can I repair the ECU myself?2020-09-09T07:57:36+01:00

Please ignore any videos or talk on the Internet that suggests that you can repair the ECU yourself, they are totally wrong – and that’s why we’re so busy!

And remember at Cartronics all ECU’s are tested live on a test car both before and after repair.

If the ECU is ‘Engine Control Unit’, why should I fix it if the problem is not with the engine, but with the transmission?2020-09-09T07:57:28+01:00

In the case of the automatic 2001-2003 Toyota RAV4 models, the ECM controls both, the engine and the transmission. In other automatic car models and brands, there are two separated units, one for each part. The engine unit would be the ECM or ECU and the transmission unit would be the TCM or TCU.

How long will I be off the road?2020-09-09T07:57:23+01:00

Book your RAV4 in and bring it to us and we’ll do it while you wait, send the ECU in to us and we aim for a 24 hour turnaround.

How does your service work?2020-09-09T07:57:17+01:00

Our simple and fast RAV4 ECU Repair Service is explained here 

How do I remove the ECU?2020-09-09T07:57:10+01:00

Follow our instructions here: How to remove the Toyota RAV4 ECU

Do I need to program or do anything else that requires a trip to the dealer in order to use my repaired ECM?2020-09-09T07:56:49+01:00

No. Your ECM will be ready to go after we send it/put it back. No programming, no trips to the dealer and no towing your RAV4 to the mechanic will be needed at all. You will start enjoying your like-new RAV4 as soon as the ECM is fixed and reinstalled.

I don’t live in the UK can I use your service?2020-09-09T07:56:40+01:00

Yes, contact us on + 44 1932 800 800 to discuss shipping charges

Do you provide a warranty?2020-09-09T07:56:34+01:00

All repaired units will have a one year warranty.

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