How to remove the RAV4 ECU and send to us at our UK repair centre

Follow these instructions on how to remove your RAV4 ECU. Send it to us in the post for a fast and effective repair service.
We recommend you get your RAV4 ECU repaired as soon as you detect the fault. Unfortunately, sooner or later all Toyota RAV4 models 2011-2003 will experience this problem regardless of mileage or service history.

Tip: Click on the thumbnails below then work your way through the steps using the arrow keys on your computer. If you prefer to use your mouse then click the next and previous arrows on screen either side of the image.

Removal instructions for the ECU found in Toyota RAV4’s 2001-2003. If your 2001 – 2003 RAV4 is experiencing gearbox issues then it is probably your ECU. This is a problem Toyota is aware of and as car electrical specialists, we can help resolve.

The ECM controls both the engine and the transmission. It is a problem in the circuit that happens over time, making it fail. You could be driving your RAV4 with a faulty ECU and it will eventually cause a serious transmission failure. It is a hardware and not a software problem so re-programming will just hide the problem and not solve the actual issue.

We are in the UK and can repair your RAV4 ECU while you wait or send it to us to using our 24 hour repair service.