First of all the problem needs to be diagnosed.  You can do that yourself if you have the Toyota diagnostic tools, take it to a garage or better still, bring it in to us at Cartronics and we’ll do it for you.

ECU Toyota Rav4, diagnose rav4 ecu gearbox issues

If you have already sent your ECU to another company and the fault is still the same, please still send it to us and as long as no damage has been caused we should still be able to repair it.

Examples of RAV4 ECM units that are having these problems are listed below, but there are several more, so don’t hesitate on asking us or acquiring the service if you don’t see your ECM’s number in the list below. Simple rule: if it is an Automatic, 2001, 2002 or 2003 Toyota RAV4, either 4×2 or 4×4, then it is one of the affected models.

89661-42620 89661-42621 89661-42622 89661-42650 89661-42651 89661-42652
89661-42653 89661-42654 89661-42660 89661-42661 89661-42662 89661-42670
89661-42671 89661-42672 89661-42673 89661-42680 89661-42681 89661-42682
89661-42683 89661-42700 89661-42701 89661-42702 89661-42720 89661-42760
89661-42761 89661-42762 89661-42810 89661-42811 89661-42812 89661-42820
89661-42821 89661-42822 89661-42840 89661-42880 89661-42881 89661-42882
89661-42890 89661-44250
Rav 4 ECU repaired to prevent new Rav 4 gearbox required

Once the problem has been confirmed as being the ECU unit and not some other electrical problem, you can either leave your RAV4 with us, bring it to us or send us the ECU via post taking advantage of our super fast repair service. If you wish to remove the ECU yourself then take a look at our removal instructions.

Bear in mind that if you keep using your RAV4 while the ECM is failing, the automatic transmission may suffer an internal failure that would need a transmission repair or replacement.  It would eventually burn the transmission’s clutches, disks and other inner parts. A transmission repair job is going to be a far more costly and time consuming situation. Have your ECM repaired now to avoid these future problems and extra cost.

If you’re sending it to us simply follow this link to find out how

We will ‘live’ test the unit before repairing it and ‘live’ test the unit after we repair before we send it back to you to ensure its working, usually posting it back within 24 hours of receipt.

When you receive your repaired unit all you have to do is install and perform a few accelerations. The reset adaptation may lead to an unusually low idle but should return to normal after 30 miles.

Please ignore any videos or forums on the internet that suggests that you can repair the RAV4 ECU yourself. They're wrong!