Full Toyota diagnostics available.

Please remember Google is not a definitive diagnostic tool and simply guessing that the Engine Control Module (ECM) is at fault may delay any hidden faults from being fixed.

The fault is a very common ECU/ECM problem for the RAV4 built between 2000 and 2006, the common symptoms are described as feeling as though the gears are slipping and then banging/jerking in to place – commonly known as the Toyota RAV4 Harsh Shifting Problem.

If you have been to your Toyota mechanic to have the fault diagnosed then he may have told you that the following fault codes where stored in the ECU: P0755 – Shift solenoid ‘B’ fault’, ‘P0758 Shift solenoid B circuit electrical’ or ‘P0750 shift solenoid-A’.

You can read these code yourself via a Toyota Diagnostic PC program, and a special lead to connect your car to the laptop. The use of the technical diagnostics and the physical symptoms will give you the true diagnostic result, and the ECU should be replaced (this is the comment TOYOTA will give) or send ECU to us for fast repair.

toyota ecu diagnostics and repairs images

The program that you should use to talk to the car would be the Toyota Techstream system, this can be purchased via the Toyota support website and a token will also be needed to use for a period of 1hr to 7 days.

The above faults are normally a clear indication that your ECU has failed and needs replacing, we are able to rebuild your own unit or supply a replacement unit from stock.

For more info or to Buy Now, please see RAV4 ECU Purchase info

Whether we rebuild your own unit or supply a replacement we always update the software to the latest version so there is no need to visit the dealer afterwards – just simple plug and play. Both options come with our Lifetime Warranty* as standard.

Common fault codes

  • P0750

  • P0753

  • P0755

  • P0758

  • P0760

Common part numbers:

  • 89661-42681

  • 89661-42682

  • 89661-42680

  • 89661-42683

  • 211000-7651/12v

  • ims-ten-vo4

  • 020464 1az-fe